» OOC Post: Orphaner Event Conclusion

This wraps up the Orphaner’s stay on askthevioletmaid! I hope you got your questions asked and enjoyed the things she had to say. If you ever feel the burning need to ask another question of the Orphaner, ask-a-porrim is here to address your queries about every instance of Porrim you can think of, including our very own Orphaner Trueshot.

We now return to our regular Porrim asks part of the program!

» OOC Post: Calling Homestuck RPers!

We are currently looking for people interested in joining our bloodswap AU group, specifically anyone looking to RP as one of the human Beta or Alpha kids. They are sadly unloved right now, and we’d love to see you give them the chance that they deserve to shine! The positions currently available in our group are as follows:

Pre-Scratch Trolls:

Horuss Nitram
Meulin Makara

Post-Scratch Trolls:

Tavros Zahhak
Nepeta Makara
Terezi Peixes

Pre-Scratch Kids:

Jake Egbert
Dirk Lalonde
Roxy Strider

Post-Scratch Kids:

Jade Crocker
Dave Lalonde
Rose Strider
John English

How do I join the group?

If you’re interested in joining our AU, just send me an ask to let me know which character you’re interested in playing. You can make the blog ahead of time if you like. Once you’ve received confirmation that the spot you’re after is available, feel free to send me the url of your blog and start running it! All new members of the AU undergo a one-week trial period which just means that we’ll be monitoring your performance for a little while to make sure you’re right for the group. After one week is up, assuming everything goes well, you are officially a member of the AU!

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I don’t seek wanton destruction.

However, every death I have caused has been for the good of the E♍pire. In that sense, they all have been good kills.

» Moar Pixels!

» Pixels!


If anyone out there has anything interesting to say, I MAY JUST have some spare time to entertain the idea of reading it..

Just maybe~~

She and I are not friends.


How long has that been there?

Not that such ♍akes any difference to me.

Friend, as person who really loves your blog I feel the need to talk to you about something important. Autoplay. I know it's easy to look past it and think people are just being picky when they tell you "don't" but it's actually pretty upsetting to people with certain anxiety disorders and branches of autism by forcing them into sudden, sometimes loud stimulates they're not expecting. I really care for your blog and don't want someone to become hurt on accident. I trust you to fix this. <3

((No one has ever come to me with complaints about this before, but I have turned off the autoplay feature on the music player. Thank you for the compliments!))

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Fro♍ what I’ve gathered, our younger alternates’ relationship with each other is considerably ♍ore peaceful. But then, everything about their world is.