B33< I’m here, I’m qu— READY TO SHIP.

I don’t seek wanton destruction.

However, every death I have caused has been for the good of the E♍pire. In that sense, they all have been good kills.

» Moar Pixels!

» Pixels!


If anyone out there has anything interesting to say, I MAY JUST have some spare time to entertain the idea of reading it..

Just maybe~~

She and I are not friends.


How long has that been there?



heeyy its roxy adn i made a blog


you shuold tottally follow cuz y the fuck not amirite

Not that such ♍akes any difference to me.

Friend, as person who really loves your blog I feel the need to talk to you about something important. Autoplay. I know it's easy to look past it and think people are just being picky when they tell you "don't" but it's actually pretty upsetting to people with certain anxiety disorders and branches of autism by forcing them into sudden, sometimes loud stimulates they're not expecting. I really care for your blog and don't want someone to become hurt on accident. I trust you to fix this. <3

((No one has ever come to me with complaints about this before, but I have turned off the autoplay feature on the music player. Thank you for the compliments!))

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Fro♍ what I’ve gathered, our younger alternates’ relationship with each other is considerably ♍ore peaceful. But then, everything about their world is.

But there’s no need to ♍ake snap judge♍ents. I’♍ sure your actions will speak for the♍selves.

Her passing brings ♍e no grief whatsoever.