Not that such ♍akes any difference to me.

Friend, as person who really loves your blog I feel the need to talk to you about something important. Autoplay. I know it's easy to look past it and think people are just being picky when they tell you "don't" but it's actually pretty upsetting to people with certain anxiety disorders and branches of autism by forcing them into sudden, sometimes loud stimulates they're not expecting. I really care for your blog and don't want someone to become hurt on accident. I trust you to fix this. <3

((No one has ever come to me with complaints about this before, but I have turned off the autoplay feature on the music player. Thank you for the compliments!))

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Fro♍ what I’ve gathered, our younger alternates’ relationship with each other is considerably ♍ore peaceful. But then, everything about their world is.

But there’s no need to ♍ake snap judge♍ents. I’♍ sure your actions will speak for the♍selves.

Her passing brings ♍e no grief whatsoever.

Your name is PORRIM, but it has been sweeps since anyone has addressed you by such a familiar moniker. Instead you go by ORPHANER TRUESHOT, which is the name you have made for yourself over centuries spent RULING OVER ALTERNIA’S SEAS in the name of HER IMPERIOUS CONDESCENSION.

Right now you are in a dream bubble in the hive of YOUR GENETIC TWIN. You have agreed to ANSWER A FEW QUESTIONS for as long as you are here, and since she does not appear to be present, she has little to say on the matter. Soon you will have to leave this idle amusement to RETURN TO YOUR SHIP AND YOUR DUTIES. But not yet.

What will you do?


PORRIM: Lo+o+ks like that is the last o+ne. Let’s see if my uninvited hive guest is still there.


PORRIM: It appears this little mo+nster hasn’t decided to+ leave after all. I guess I have to see abo+ut relo+cating it.

PORRIM: I’m no+t sure ho+w lo+ng this is go+ing to+ take me; the dream bubbles are no+ place fo+r a baby animal to+ stay permanently. But I’m go+ing to+ be away fro+m my keys fo+r a while. Try no+t to+ get into+ to+o+ much tro+uble while I’m go+ne.

Does your dino know any tricks?


PORRIM: After so+me investigatio+n, I can say that it either do+esn’t understand spo+ken wo+rd o+r do+esn’t care to+ listen. I’ve been unsuccessful with any attempts at getting it to+ do+ anything besides scamper aro+und and bite everything that mo+ves.




PORRIM: That’s a pretty lo+aded questio+n. First o+f all I’d avo+id to+ssing aro+und labels like “trashy skanky bitch,” and seco+ndly, pro+bably just mark the relevant quadrant as empty and get o+n with my existence.


What does that thing eat?


PORRIM: I to+ssed so+me fish fillets do+wn there fo+r it, and it seemed to+ like them well eno+ugh. It has a carnivo+re’s teeth, anyway, so+ I’ve just been giving it whatever bits o+f meat seem handy.


» OOC Post: 300 Followers

Hey everyone! Welcome to the 50 or so followers who have wandered over here since I last made note of that sort of thing. I have some exciting news to share with all of you! I have decided to do a little event in celebration of this milestone, and it’s going to be super fun. It’s going to start in a little while, after Porrim is done with her current M!A, so keep an eye out for this mysterious adventure I have planned for you all. If you’re interested to find out what it is sooner rather than later, send Porrim some asks so she can get that dinosaur out the door and we can begin!

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what are you going to do with chompy once the m!a is up?


PORRIM: I hadn’t really tho+ught abo+ut it. Can a living creature even survive lo+ngterm in the bubbles?

PORRIM: I suppo+se if it’s still sticking aro+und after the time limit expires, I’ll find a mo+re permanent ho+me fo+r it.


What does your hive look like?


PORRIM: It’s quite large. It was even befo+re the additio+ns Latula made to+ it during o+ur sessio+n. The main po+rtio+n o+f the castle just so+rt o+f extends up like a hivestem no+w, but the to+wers are all still unto+uched. It lo+o+ks pretty silly, admittedly.